Sunday, June 25, 2017

Rita Rudaini's Gincu Gincu in Dangerous

Rita Rudaini is one of the gorgeous Malay actresses around .  . Her skin is flawless and fair . She has come out with her own skincare ,perfume and lip colour line  called Gincu Gincu  . This lip colour is a matte liquid  lip colour named  Dangerous . This is a bright pink colour. It dries out to become a pinky powder colour . It is not for the faint hearted but it is a  good lip colour none the less  . 
Today is Aidil Fitri. My parents had gone out with my brothers Mal and Jiji  to  Kampung Baru . Other siblings will come for a  family gathering on the 28th of June next Wednesday . Yatie my sister  has came back from Dubai last Wednesday .  My sister Nas and family  will only come back in July. 
The price of this  lip colour is RM 45.00. You can find this product online from their Facebook account or from their agents at the  instagram. 

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