Sunday, October 11, 2015

Jamu Jelita Pearl White

Jamu Jelita Pearl white is a beauty drink.  It is in a powder form. I have consumed about five jars of this drink. It is in a 400 grm jar.  Some of the benefits  of this drink are   that it helps with pimples and pigmentation . It will dry pimples faster. It gives  one more energy and  it can  hydrate the face . Further more one is able  able to  attain  an ideal weight and  helps you to get a fairer face.
The taste is delicious. It reminds me of Ribena. This  drink is enriched with Astaxanthin and fruits such as Acerola , Cherry , Tomato and strawberry among others. I like to take this drink whenever I have pimples which would not subside easily.  This jar will last about 12 days, so two jars of this drink will get you by for  a month. You will take one tablespoon of the powder and add 150 ml water in a shaker provided . I usually take it first thing in the morning and before I  go to sleep.
The price of this drink is RM 36.90 .  You can get this drink at most Jamu shops or kiosks nationwide and online.

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