Monday, October 13, 2014

Gamat Shaari Cold powder

Before I bought the Bedak Sejuk Pattani , the sales asisstant of  Adinda Beauty shop  suggested  this cold powder. After I 've used it several times,  I had a few pimples. So I stopped using it . My mother used this powder at night for about  one month . She said that it tightens her face.  About a month ago when I had    two spots ,  I used this powder again.
 I used about 10 droplets and mix them  with water. The next morning , the pus on one  the pimples had dried. I kept using the powder   for  5 nights in a row  and  the pimples were gone. This cold powder or Bedak sejuk works for me. So now , I  alternate using  the cold powder that I have. This cold powder contains Gamat or the fabulous sea  cucumber which has wonderful recuperative properties. This  product is available at most Jamu kiosks , shops and  also online.  The price of this cold powder is RM 5.00.

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