Thursday, September 6, 2012

Skinz Infinite Eye Revive Therapy

I bought Skinz because of Nurul , I have to confess. The Infinite range is for aging concern.  Since I am out of eye cream, I decided to try a new one . I have used this cream for nearly two weeks night and day. The dark circle that I have has lessened. I find that there is improvement  the eye area. It does look better than before.It does not sting .The Skinz infinite range has won  awards for their  day cream ,serum and eye cream.
 The deep lines though has not  diminished. To be fair,  I only started using an eye cream last year so it is quite difficult to erase the fine lines but not impossible. I bought the cream during the Caring sale for RM 32.00. If I am not mistaken the normal price is RM 45. For more information you can check their website here :
My sister Sadd and her lovely children are here before they go  to Riyadh soon.Insha allah . All her children love cats and like my kittens and Fifi very much. Today they brought back their beautiful fluffy Persian called Fandisha. She is big and beautiful. Today I bought my cat Jingga to the UPM Veterinary hospital in Serdang . After getting his xray , the kind vet said that he will have to undergo surgery again.

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