Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Tanaka White Double Whitening Renewal Night Cream

I bought this night cream because of the good reviews  .This is Bio Essence new Tanaka White 4x Anti-Dark fighters range . I have  used the  night cream for 10 days. It is a short while , I have to say. My skin broke out . I am not sure it  is  because of this cream since I have been using makeup daily or it is the time of the month. Or  the stress with my cat Jingga  going for surgery , the bills and I too have to go through another surgery soon.
Usually I don't break out this much .  I have a large cystic pimple . I don't know why I am getting another  nasty big one again  this month .  I am not going to rule out this cream yet. So I started to use this cream again last two nights. I have stopped wearing makeup and I  use  only Clean and Clear face wash. The price for this night cream was RM 50.90 during sales , and it is about RM 60 at normal price. The range comprises of  cleanser foam , clarifying toner , serum , day cream and night cream.
On Monday I went to the Sephora store in Paradigm Mall,Kelana Jaya. I went to check out the Mario Badescu  products. I am interested in the Buffering lotion which costs RM 135.00 which is suitable for large cystic acne which I now  have . How expensive .I am toying with the idea to buy. The drying cream costs RM 99.00 while the world famous drying lotion is RM 135.00.
They have their acne repair  kit at  RM 300.00 which includes a drying lotion , a drying cream and buffering lotion. At first I was interested in the drying cream. The products from Mario Badescu sold at Sephora are for acne only , I was hoping to see their whitening mask.

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