Thursday, August 16, 2012

Kose Seikisho Perfect Cleansing oil

Cleansing oil has been around. I have used cleansing milk to remove my makeup for a long time. Eversince I saw the Kanebo Cleansing oil in the red bottle I am interested in  cleansing oil. Since I feel like using makeup again I felt I need to use a cleansing oil to remove all the makeup throughly. I searched for the right cleansing oil. At last I decided to buy Kose Seikisho Perfect  cleansing oil. This being the first cleansing oil I have . The price is reasonable for an over the counter product. The brand is good.  The price for the cleansing oil is RM 85.00 for a 180 ml blue bottle. The cleansing oil is suitable for normal to oily skin. It is easy to use but it is for the face  only the SA said .You can use the oil with wet or dry hands. It has mineral oil in it .I did get a pimple after using it but nothing serious .  I don't know how long this cleansing oil will last . Perhaps I will buy this cleansing  oil again.
Nas and her children came back last night. Yati has arrived in  KL , her husband is here . She too will be going to Riyadh along with Sadd and her family . So there will be three sisters in Riyadh and Mal is in Madinah . My parents are so happy to be in the holy cities. Sadd and Zahid will arrive tonight . Tonight for iftar , the menu is Kampung menu.GG and his family will be around. Taei will come tomorrow night.Another feast . My mother has cooked her awesome fish curry and had grilled the sting ray . We haven't had Terubok fish for quite awhile . Nas has bought some roast chicken and will be making salad.  Ribena is  the favourite drink. It is nice to add with syrup much sweeter . To all my  Muslim readers , Selamat Hari Raya , Eid Mubarak and to everybody , happy holidays.

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