Saturday, June 4, 2011

Barbeque party

We had barbeque a few days back when GG,  my brother suggested it. He and his wife , Ti went to to Tesco to buy the stuff . It was also to celebrate my sister's Yati ,  promotion. He he .  My brother Taei and the family too were around.  We had fried rice, prawn and veggie on skewers, chicken , salad and mashed potato. We sat down and ate . It was fun as this is the first time we had barbeque , outside the house. 
Last night we had another barbeque  party organized by Nas. We had  lamb chops, fish , squid , veggies on skewers and marshmallows for the children. Mal opened the fire . The food is lovely and I was full.  We had different kind of food on two occasions. So maybe next time we can combine all the food when everyone  is around  this Aidilfiri. It is not far away .

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