Friday, June 10, 2011

Ginvera Nutri White Marvel Gel

I thought of the Ginvera Marvel Gel as I was looking for a new product  to try. This Marvel Gel has been around since 1991 . I have used this gel a long time ago. This product is a gel type exfoliator . I have been using it for nearly two weeks in the morning. I like to see the dead  skin being scrubbed off  . It is gentle to use.  I bought  the gel for RM 19.95 at Tesco , there is another  one with green tea  which costs RM 29.95 .  My nose looks clearer , it was bumpy for many weeks.  The Ginvera Nutri White and the Green tea  range  looks interesting so is the Tanaka range under BioEssence label.  Tempting. You can find some information on Ginvera  and Bio Essence here :
I have been using the  Clean and Clear  Active clear acne clearing cleanser  in the morning and it does the  job perfectly . For nearly two weeks there are  no breakouta only  acne scars.  So, I do not want to change anything major   these few months .

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