Thursday, May 19, 2011

Safi Rania Gold and Nixoderm

I bought  Safi Rania Gold Day Cream and Night Cream after reading so many good reviews about it .  Someone said my skin looked clearer. There was  sale at  Tesco and at most of the pharmacies around . The day cream was sold out at Tesco last two weeks. I bought the night cream for  about  RM 23 and the day cream for RM 20 or less .  I decided to give both creams to my mother and switched for   the  Safi cream with aloe vera she uses everyday  instead  .  My skin looked fresher but there are some more blackheads . Is that normal ?
Tonight I tried to use the Nixoderm cream on the black spots on my face .  It stung and I thought is  was okay and then when I took off the  cream , my face has red spots. In panic , I slather the Safi Rania Gold beauty cream , and then the redness subsided.  Safi beauty creams are used by many girls and women as night cream and many swore by it .  So far I have not used these creams regularly . I bought these creams but later somehow did not want to use. Like many reviews of Nixoderm , many do not want to use  at first because of the price but later loved it to bits.  I think I will try out this cream at night and see how it goes .The one that many people swore on  is the one with the green top , the aloe vera one. Here are some links to some blogs which I read about Safi products   and what it could do to one's face. Enjoy.  and

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  1. Hi, I bought Sani Rania Gold Day Cream. I would like to buy and try something local not very expensive and shop assistant adviced me this.I wa suprised how great this cream was good to my skin. Today I bought new package of day cream and also tonic and eye cream. So I am curious how they will be.o)