Friday, January 14, 2011

Kerdas , Jingga and Pho Hoa restaurant

My father had bought some kerdas for me to eat. It is like petai another  food to eat . This is comfort food for me but I do eat a lot when this particular fruit or vegetable is around. Kerdas is small bean like vegetable , it is dark brown in colour and green inside. It is crunchy and yummy but  it is safer to eat  on Saturdays for the working people for the aroma is unmistakable in the mouth and in the loo.
I have been nursing Jingga for the past week poor boy . I let him out one  morning after my mother said that he  was scratching at the door  and he wanted to be out. I should have held him instead. He left the house for two nights refusing to come in. Then on the the third day , he came back meowing. He was smelly and wet. We , my mother and I brought him to the vet the next day for a medicated bath. It turned out that he had high fever , flu  and had pus in his mouth . There was blood in his mouth on Sunday and I bought him to the vet again on Tuesday. He was healing  but his flu is still there . They could not take out the iron in his mouth just yet. Dr Mary gave me the energy powder  again. Today he looks fine. He has been sleeping in my room for two weeks. I hope he will recover , he has been eating again and I have to give him some ice water , the energy drink too.Tomorrow we will bring him for his weekly jab and his bath and  hopefully he is well.
Yesterday my mother brought me for lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant called Pho Hoa for vietnamese beef noodle. It is situated at the ground floor at the Curve , Mutiara Damansara . This is the first time I tasted real vietnamese noodle. The broth is clear and the serving is large. For a regular beginner bowl as they called it is RM 15.50 and we took Chinese tea and Vietnamese lotus tea which is refillable. The service is quick enough with a serving of beansprout and basil and a chilli paste. My mother could not finish hers so we took back.
It is nice the  noodle , perhaps I will come again but it is not  salty , perhaps I should  add more lime ? My mother likes vietnamese noodle after this I will show her how to make  a proper one via the  You Tube , she is very interested in computers and she wanted to learn how to use one. 
After that we went browsing at Metro Jaya . There is a very nice salmon linen dress at Somerset Bay . The price is RM 179.00. Normal price. Then there is the Aspara bags. Leather , very nice. After that some grocery shopping at Tesco.

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