Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Zamian Cocoa Mask and Muna Asy Syifa Herbs

I have received the gold cocoa mask today. I have tried and I liked it ,the mask is velvety and my skin feels soft after 20 minutes. I also received a Cacao facial scrub.I will wait and hopefully my pores will shrink by then . I think it will take about one month judging from the testimonies in the internet.
I also dragged my mother yesterday evening to buy some herbal preparations by Muna Syifa . The herbal product is free from preservatives and has been around for 40 years. What I liked most is that they have really nice traditional products for ladies and for a blissful marriage. I liked the bath herbal preparation. My mother seemed to like it too .
Today I also saw a toxin and fat foot patch from Japan.All you have to do is to put the patch on your feet and go sleep. It is sold for RM 89 for one pack. My husband is losing weight so perhaps I should try.

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