Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Romantic ,Beautiful Homes and Kutu.

La Belle Vie - Bel Air

It's the time again. I am back to my favourite themes. Romantic homes and Louis XVI furnitures. While I like English style themes , I am drawn to french furniture. Rococo , and more and more I am drawn to Louis XVI furniture once I know the difference. I love french doors . This is my dream home . It's called La Belle Vie, which is French for "beautiful life." It is in Bel Air and there are many Louis XV and XVI-inspired details. It's now for sale for USD 53 million. Well ,I read somewher that you have to dream for something that you want . These are my favourite things to surf .I like white furniture . I also like to surf the Horchow Collections, France Era, Sweet Pea and Willows and all others. Well it's no harm to dream of something lovely.

Now I also like a site called Cindy's Romantic Home. I love Cindy's blue bedroom. I love her white furniture. And she paints her funiture white something I wanted to do but do not know how. I like her French dining table and chairs with blue toile fabric . Toile is also very french. I especially adore her white lacy linens. Vintage of course . I also love the shrimp louie she has with her daughter Lauren outside with the white linens and all . Maybe I should do that also and have outdoor food with my parents . You can find the shrimp louie on the patio at :http://romantichome.blogspot.com/2009_06_01_archive.html

I just bought a Carvenzi white furniture bedroom with some romantic details. There is a brown chest of drawers which I thought of painting it white. I don't feel confident about sanding it . I did once with an old dresser . Perhaps I put new white doors for my cupboard . That will cost me RM 500. I thought of buying white and blue wall paper somewhere and that would cost me RM 1000.00. I think I will do some Kutu . Kutu is a system played by Malay women to buy what they want. It's played in a groups . It's like you can pay in installments not to the bank but those who offer the stuff. For example you want to buy something for RM 500 . There will be 10 ladies in a group , each will pay RM 50 per month and then when it is your turn , you will get the stuff and so on until you pay for the rest 9 month. It is a swell way. Most women do this so you have some monies to do whatever you want . My mother is the Kutu leader which means , she is the one who is conducts the Kutu and she will get the Kutu on the first month. Kutu leader and kutu players have to be trustworthy because some people might run away with all the Kutu money on the first month or refused to pay because they do not have sufficient funds.

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