Sunday, July 5, 2009

Blue berry pie

Yesterday I made my first blueberry pie. The recipe calls for some lemon juice but I did not get those. I have lost the weighing machine but luckily I have written the cup measurements. It gets very soft when I add the egg perhaps I should use cold water instead. I have the recipe from where I don't remember right now and the pie crust is really buttery soft. One can of blue berry the S & W , will yield little blue berry so next time I should add two cans but it is expensive . I do not make a pie like what a pie should look like.
My parents had a shock when they come back to the renovated house . It is really nice. They have a nice time in Seychelles. Yesterday my sister Nas, bought one of those pressure cleaners. I saw the yellow one called Karcher .It does clean the very moldy walls. So my brother Mal, is the D.I.Y man of the day.
My next project is spinach quiche. Another savoury pie apart from the cottage pie.It seems that my baking repertoire is pies. I would like to make tartlets . Then I have to buy the pie tin and a weighing machine. Making this pies is relaxing.

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