Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Kittens at two weeks

My parents had safely landed in Seychelles .Happy holidays. There is an incident on the 3rd June which I do not want to write in this blog. The kittens will be two weeks tomorrow. Officially their names are Pico,Rio, Poppy, Bella Rose and Kuntum . The first three are male and the two are ginger colour and are female. Kuntum being the largest, Bella Rose and Rio are very friendly, Pico is sickly and Poppy the most energetic. My sister Nas will be here for two weeks.The cat Tompok has been fed with cat food and chicken. I have been surfing for kitten's progress on the net. So far I haven't tried any new recipe. I should go to baking class but then I have to buy a new oven. I have also left my embroidery hobby. I should start that again.
I am still at work hopefully for another year. I feel very tired these days . I will start working on Monday.

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