Friday, June 12, 2009

Cottage pie

I have made a cottage pie few days back. The cost is about RM 30. As usual I got the recipe from the net. The difference between a cottage pie and a sheperd's pie is that a cottage pie is made with beef and a a sheperd's pie is made with lamb . I had forgotten the 'Lea and Perrins ' , parsley leaf and beef stock cube was not available at the neighbourhood shop. I add soya sauce and tomato sauce and plain water instead. My sister and brothers said it was nice. They are my loyal supporters. I have taken these recipes for the cottage pie

another one from

and another one from allrecipe for a proper english Cottage pie

My parents have a good time judging from the pictures sent in the Facebook. The reason for trying the pies is that it is simple to do. With Malay cooking , I personally feel that it depends on the cook. You know that it is good when you taste it. With the pies I think I can lookup the recipe , buy the ingredients and I feel it is good enough for me. Another thing is that there is no comparison. With malay food , my mother's cooking is better always. I made an apple pie the next day.

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