Thursday, March 23, 2017

Pure Skin Papaya cream

Last month my parents and I went to Madinah and Mecca to perform Umrah. My dear sisters sponsored the three of us. We stayed in my brother's house in Madinah. His house is near the Kiblatain mosque. My father likes to go to  the markets and sundry shops . Near to  a market is a spice shop . They have a small mill if you wish to mix your spices. The shop is called Mawarni. Mawar is rose in Malay. I bought a Vatika hair oil and a face cream.
This face cream is an exfoliating face cream . Some of the natural ingredients are Carica papaya enzyme ,black cumin or Habatus sauda and shea butter. You need to use a generous amount of this cream on the face and massage the area. I am happy with this cream. I came to Madinah with a large pimple. So far after 24 days my pimple is gone . There are no more pimples appearing, and  I am happy for that.
This cream is made by Pure Skin International Company in Markina City Phillipines. It is specially made for Najmat Al Mufeedh Trading Est .It is in 50 grm plastic jar . Some of blemishes on my face are gone . Perhaps it's time to go for a facial.       The price of this cream is SAR 15.00.

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