Friday, December 23, 2016

Gulsan Nar Eksisi Pomegranate concentrate

Have you heard about pomegranate and the benefits of this wonderful fruit ? We have a pomegranate tree outside the house  . It bears fruit but not as delicious as the red ones. My parents love to drink pomegranate , apple and starfruit juice . My mother would make the juice every evening .  There are many benefits of this fruit. I drink it for beauty purposes as usual . It can be safely be taken  by pregnant women. Some  Jamu or the modern Jamu cannot be taken if you are pregnant .
The taste of this concentrate  is sour . You should  take 1 table spoon of the concentrate  the first thing in the morning and again  before you retire to bed . Sometimes I would add syrup and water  or Ribena for a double dose of antioxidants . Now I take it with As Shiffa honey and water . It is good to drink  it when you feel nauseous in the morning . I have taken this product for a few months. This product is from Turkey . It comes in a 250 ml glass bottle which can last about one month . The price of this product is RM 19.00 at our neighbourhood Jamu shop . You can find this product at kiosks or shops selling Arabian food  or via online  . 

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