Friday, February 12, 2016

Neal's Yard Frankincense essential oil


I am still into making face oil .  I find it relaxing to make face oil . It is very easy to do.  I bought a Frankincense essential oil from Neal's Yard.  Neal Yard's products are available at Isetan One Utama and  Isetan KLCC . It is in a 10 ml cobalt bottle . The expiry date of this oil  is one year from opening date.  Frankinsence essential oil is  expensive . I just need to use a few drops .  I have not use it on a burner .
 I like the aroma . Some of Frankincense benefits are for acne , aging , scars , oiliness and elasticity . It also promotes calmness , for joint pain , athma ,  arthritis  , coughs and cold among others.  I made the  face oil using  20 ml almond oil and  20 ml Rosehip oil. Then I add  10 drops each of Frankincense  essential oil and Patchouli essential oil.  I am into my second bottle . I use it at night . I find that my face looks better . The dents are getting smaller .  They have not disappeared . Inshaallah it will disappear one day. The price of the Frankincense essential  oil is RM 154.00.

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