Thursday, January 21, 2016

Soap Cellar

Sometime in November last year, I thought of making my own face cream. I have a chunk of beeswax that I don't use. I read that beeswax does not expire . Then I realized that  I need to have a Halal preservative if I do use water in the cream.
So I decided to make face oil instead but I wanted a 60 ml glass dropper bottle. I searched the net for some local vendors. There are some . I found Soap cellar a company based in Penang. I found the 50 ml bottle to my delight . The company has a store in Tanjung Bunga . I also  bought almond oil and  red rose tea. This company also sells equipment and raw material   to make body or face cream. They have borage oil if you are interested. The price of the 50 ml bottle is RM 7.50 , the almond oil is RM 18.00 and the rose tea is RM 20.00.  If you are interested this is their website :here

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