Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sheet Masks from Sasa

For  the most part of my adult life , when I started to use face masks, I always use the ones from the tubes. Or the ones  which I have to mix with water or other fluid . I followed my niece Maryam to Sasa one day.  She bought some sheet masks. So I bought some for myself.  There was a sale for sheet masks that day .
You can buy 10 masks for RM 20.00. Yipee !!! I bought most masks from Sasa brand the Sasatine and some masks from Korea.  My favourite masks are  the one with cucumber and the tighening one with rosehip oil  . The masks lasted more than one month.    Most of the masks are  priced at RM 4.90. Yet I still liked the ones I used before  . It lasted longer. 

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