Wednesday, April 22, 2015

D'herbs Diamond Foundation

This is my new foundation . It is also D' Herb's first product. D'herbs is a well   known local company..This foundation comes in a set.  It comes with  an eye liner and a  collagen lipstick. This is a waterproof foundation . It has a spf of 35. This foundation contains grapeseed oil and vitamin e  . The vitamin E thus will  help with scars and wrinkles if used consistently. It covers acne scars, pigmentation and wrinkles. The one that I have is in a 8 grm jar. The normal  size is in a 30 grm jar.  Sometimes I would just use this foundation alone.  You can also buy their powder to set the foundation.  
Nowadays I have some tiny  pimples on my chin.  I have just bought Nexcare acne patches . My mother commented that I have smoother skin. I on the other hand would like to try other things . The price of the makeup  set is  RM 59.90 , while the price of the  Diamond foundation is RM 45.50 .   You can find D'herbs products at Jamu shops   and online.  Alternatively you can buy their products   here .

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