Sunday, November 30, 2014

Cosmoderm Vitamin E cream

This is another good  product from Cosmoderm that I have tried. It is a vitamin E cream with rosehip oil. It is 1000 I.U . The cream is in a glass jar of 50 gram.  I used it at night mostly.  The dents on my face  are  getting smaller and I am happy with the results.  I did not have any major breakouts , just  a few bumps on my face.  There is only one bump at a time. So that is good compared to the big pimples I had a few months ago.  I bought Cosmoderm products at Guardian .
I have also used the Cosmoderm Tea Tree facial wash again and I also made an apple cider vinegar toner .  I add 10 ml of ACV with 40 ml of filtered water. I used that at night.  So far I am satisfied with this cream  . I don't know if I would change to another brand . We will see how it goes. The price of this vitamin E cream is RM 19.90.

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