Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Thanakha cream

I wanted to try the cream for awhile.It is supposed to be good for pimples,whitening  and other skin ailments.  I bought the small sized one for RM 20.00. The bigger one costs  RM 30.00. I used it every day for one week until it hit  pan.  I just wet my fingers and run through the cream . It is quite soft . The smell is lemony. Myanmar women have been using the Tanaka bark for thousand of years.  There are other variants of this cream. The pink one helps with pigmentation. Sometimes I would use it at night and leave the cream on as it is like the cool powder or bedak sejuk.I still have some left . My mother too bought one for her eczema but it did not help much .
Last week we had a kenduri to celebrate  my sister and brother and their family who came back from Riyadh and Seychelles. It is also to wish my aunty and her children farewell . My aunty is from Mecca and had not been to Malaysia for 22 years. Happy New Year  !!!!

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