Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Mustika Ratu Cem Ceman Oil and Hair tonic

The Jedayel hair oil my sister gave me nearly ran out. I wanted  to use another oil for my hair since I like using  hair oil. At last I decided to use the Mustika Ratu Cem Cem oil which is a hair oil that you use before shampooing. It contains coconut oil , pandan leaves with some jasmine and rose and some citrus  . The hair oil is light , it does not stain the pillow case. It has a nice smile . You need to pour some on the palm of your hand and massage the scalp for some time. You can leave the oil for 2 hours before you shampoo your hair or leave it overnight. I like this hair oil . I use it oil once or twice  a week. 
Then I bought the hair tonic , this tonic smells really  nice . It is made of quinine extract , urang -aring leaves and oxygen complex to nourish hair and prevents from hair fall and dandruff. You need to apply the tonic after you shampoo your hair.  Sometimes I end up pouring the tonic on the scalp. This tonic helps to detangle my hair and make it manageable. It also makes my hair fragrant . Apart from the hair oil and tonic, there are various shamppos , a coconut conditioner and hair mask. Both the oil can be used for hair fall problems.The hair mask is quite difficult to get though . One can get it at the Mustika Ratu booth in Sogo perhaps .  I bought both the Cem Ceman oil and hair tonic at a kiosk  in Tesco Mutiara Damansara. The Cem Ceman hair oil costs  RM 16 while the hair tonic is RM 17.00  .

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