Thursday, October 25, 2012

Jamu Ratu Malaya Antheia soap

Last week I had tiny pimples. I wrote much  too soon. This week  I have 3 more pimples with , two cystic ones . I don't know why, with the internet line going off almost every day. I decided to buy the Antheia soap from Jamu Ratu Malaya another range from Sendayu Tinggi. It is a clear soap for pimples and sensitive skin. I have used the soap for a few days .  It is a clear soap of 80 gm which is sold for  RM 23.00. I am interested in their Bio Miracle Serum and Cream . The combo looks promising.In the past I have tried products from Sendayu Tinggi especially their beverages  supplements.
Tomorrow is Aidil Adha , my sisters Nas and  Yati and my brother  Mal are  in Mecca to perform Hajj. I hope Allah will   bless them with an accepted Hajj ( Hajj Mabrur). Rafiq and his family are  here for Aidil Adha and had bought the compulsory Lemang for tomorrow. My mother had cooked rendang. Tomorrow she wants to visit our grandmother in Ampang.
 Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha.

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