Sunday, February 5, 2012

Herb roast chicken and potato gratin

Kiki on his favourite place

My mother got a new  oven , so I made a herb roast chicken last night using rosemary and thyme , butter and zest of lemon and the juice. It was not easy to do trussing. The oven had to be heated.  I made   potato gratin too. So about 12.00 midnight the chicken was ready  to be eaten.  My mother and I ate a quarter of the chicken. She  said that the it is nice to eat this kind of roast chicken once awhile. I bought a teriyaki roast chicken from Jusco just  last week.
I find that  adding  lemon in the chicken's cavity made the chicken bitter ,so the   next time I will use  lemon garlic salt instead. I will try to find the salt at Cold Storage one of these days.Today Nas and her children and Rafiq and his family are here for the holidays. His newborn son,  Rayyan.Z is in the hospital because of yellow fever.
This afternoon my mother grilled another chicken and made  chicken soup for my sister in law , Ti..Tonight we saw the movie 'Delisa' and I made a pesto sauce with grilled aubergine. 

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